How will this month’s full moon affect you?

The full moon in Pisces will arrive on Sunday, August 26th at 7:56am EST.

After a chaotic summer of astrological madness (hello retrograde drama and eclipse season), Mars is FINALLY turning direct on August 27th. This month’s full moon will feel like a fresh start.

All full moon’s represent a time of reflection. The full moon in Pisces is taking place while the Sun is in the analytical sign of Virgo. It’s a wonderful time for you to contemplate the direction your life is going in and make plans to actualize your dreams.

Pisces is represented by the symbol of two fishes swimming in opposite directions. One represents the spiritual side of our human nature and the other the material side. This mystical water sign is ruled by the planet Neptune which take it’s home in the 12th house of dreams, secrets and fantasies.

The virgo sun will bring clarity to our emotions and gives each one of us the opportunity to water our dreams through hard-work and planning.

Here is a full moon ritual that will honor the mystical Pisces and the meticulous, thoughtful energy of Virgo.

You will need-

Set the tone for your sacred ritual space. Put on your favorite music, light some candles and organize your space so that it feels like an open vessel to receive the energy of the full moon.

1. Have a seat and spend a few moments meditating on the experiences you’ve had over the last few months. What have been some of your struggles and what direction would you like to see your life go in? Close your eyes and observe what comes up for you.
2. After your meditation, break out your journal and write down all of your dreams, deepest desires and most outrageous fantasies. Don’t limit yourself. Let yourself be wild and free as you write without restriction.
3. Next to each item, jot down a short plan to help you can achieve your dream. Next to that plan give yourself a time-frame.
4. When you’re done writing, close your eyes and spend a few more minutes visualizing what your best life both looks and feels like.
5. Honor your vision and dreams by offering them to whatever you call your higher power. As you make this offering, you can repeat this prayer “Dear God (or whatever you call source), these are my dreams. I offer them to you. If there is something higher, something better than what I have envisioned, may it be so. I offer these dreams for the greater good of all beings. Amen.”

Snuff the candles. Clean your space, and take either a hot shower or bath to pull in the symbolic element of water, which rules Pisces. As your bathing, visualize any limiting thoughts you have about yourself releasing into the stream of consciousness flowing below you.

Happy full moon,